The Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change

There are few issues of more importance to humanity than the prospect of profound climate change, but the ongoing public policy debate has not generally been placed within an ethical context.

Dr. Donald Brown of Penn State University and the Rock Ethics Institute presented on the ethical dimensions of climate change at the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, with parts of the discussion captured in the following YouTube video:

Full details on the ethical dimensions discussed in the video can be found in the accompanying white paper (click link to open or download).


Mixed Results: Voluntary Corporate Environment Programs

THE ISSUE: Whether voluntary corporate environmental protection programs are effective in relation to externally-monitored programs, or other internal initiatives.

THE TAKE-AWAY: Recent research from the U.S. argues that so-called "Voluntary Environmental Programs (VEPs)" may actually be less effective at protecting the environment than companies who aren't engaged in a formal program.

Corporate Voluntary Environmental Programs Backfire, Study Shows

ScienceDaily (2008-03-10) -- Companies which participate in voluntary environmental programs actually do worse in their attempts to help the environment than those that do not take on these programs. Companies that are self-monitored — as opposed certified by an external third party — appear to do even worse in their overall environmental goals. Nonparticipating companies outperformed companies participating in self-monitored voluntary environmental programs by 24 percent. ... > read full article